Investment Management

Gateway has extensive experience in acquiring, developing and managing real estate.  Our conservative approach to underwriting leads to successful, financially stable, developments designed to provide investors with both cash and tax incentives.  With over $200 Million of assets in its portfolio, Gateway provides in-house asset management and compliance expertise to insure the goals of our investors.  Gateway's team of asset managers and compliance staff provides for timely, transparent and effective reporting to Agency partners, lenders and investors.

Gateway prides itself on effective cash management of our portfolio including budgeting, debt service coverage analysis, timely rental changes, tax credit compliance, and review and/or appeal of property taxes.  By utilizing these tools, we can assist management operations with controlling expenses, and insuring cash flow goals. 

Since 2010, Gateway has sought to further diversify its long history of developing tax based incentive investments, and is additionally developing conventional real estate investments in the multi-family arena.  Gateway's interests are based in the Southeastern United States.